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Betsy Heller

Founder of Success Rentals Property Management and Achievers Realty

Betsy Heller, founder of Success Rentals Property Management and Achievers Realty, based in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego is an equity specialist with trusted real estate expertise into the San Diego County market. In the last 10+ years, Achievers Realty closed an impressive $300+ million dollars in real estate transactions. Betsy Heller's brokerage, Achievers Realty, focuses on her core real estate principles in helping clients achieve their home and investment goals. She is considered a friend and advisor to her clients.

Proven Experience
Exceptional Representation

Success Rentals Property Management is a brokerage that focuses on championing the ROI and equity of your investments! With Betsy at a clients’ side, she will negotiate their needs and represent them through thick and thin. One of her greatest skills lies in being a seasoned negotiator; getting the best deal and service terms possible for her clients in light of various challenges that Landlords face.

Success Rentals PM listens to your needs, sees your vision and helps you succeed in your dreams of being a prosperous investor!

Throughout her career, Betsy has been exceptional in many diverse aspects of the real estate industry and specializes as an equity advisor in residential real estate, investments, land sales, commercial real estate, short sales, foreclosures, multi-family residential real estate, 1031s and equity exchanges. It's unique to work with an agent that has so much experience wrapped up in one package! She is genuine, sincere, and described as caring when it comes to attenuating her style to suit her client's needs. Betsy, a former engineer, also has a highly quantitative mind and will happily break out spreadsheets with clients and discuss pros and cons.

Betsy Heller has been a San Diego native for all of her adult life and a full time San Diego County Realtor for the last 30+ years. She has lived in City Heights, Mission Valley, Jamul, Scripps Ranch and Rancho Santa Fe.

Betsy studied Engineering at the University of Maryland and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. She served in the United States Army Reserves for 22 years as a Military Police Officer and attained Rank of Major. She even completed the United States Army Airborne School! Betsy Heller is happily married to her husband, George, and has 3 adult sons. Her favorite hobbies include spending time with family, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, reading, and enjoying a challenging Sudoku or Wordle puzzle!

Throughout her career, Betsy has always thought of herself as an investment broker AND investor. She has bought vacant land and subdivided it – twice. Built two homes from scratch, bought and flipped investment properties as well as bought and kept properties. Betsy and her husband have exchanged homes and multi-unit properties into commercial ventures too.

After returning from a call to active duty which included placing 5 “doors” with a property manager, Betsy returned to home/ work and set a goal to provide a better experience for Landlords. Many years later, Success Rentals PM was founded on improving the experience and outcomes that Betsy had with her “doors” being managed. Today, she is excited to lead a property management company that offers full-service choices for clients as well as the team Betsy is proud to lead. Betsy has partnered with incredible business coaches that have helped guide the team to focus on creating a true heart-based culture and creating lasting relationships centered around the client. This has been the foundation of a successful business that is 80%+ referrals from past clients.

If you are looking for extraordinary real estate services or if you simply have questions about the market or our communities, please call or text Betsy Heller at (858) 583-1413.

Mathew Trevino

Operations Manager

Mathew Garcia Trevino is a committed Real Estate Operations Professional, adept in managing various aspects of property management and office operations. His role encompasses scheduling vendors, ensuring seamless office operations, and offering unparalleled support to clients in the buying or selling of investment properties. Mathew's coordination skills shine in his interactions with escrow, title, and loan officers, guaranteeing smooth and efficient transactions. His educational journey is marked by multiple degrees, culminating in a Master’s in History from California State University Northridge in 2023, and his academic excellence is highlighted by the John Baur Scholarship awarded to him in 2022. In his current role as licensed Operations Manager at Success Rentals Property Management, Mathew has made significant contributions by implementing innovative transactional software for multi-family and commercial transactions. His tenure at Trevino Properties since 2017 was marked by streamlined communication between clients and agents and expedited real estate document execution. Even in a brief educational role at Arcata Elementary, his organizational skills and commitment to child safety and team communication were evident. Mathew's proficiency in various software, combined with his excellent negotiation, interpersonal, and multitasking skills, positions him as a valuable asset to our team. His belief in his ability to achieve any goal ensures consistent, structured, and smooth transactions for investors looking to expand their portfolios.


Brock Bruun

Property Manager

Brock Bruun, residing in Carlsbad, CA, has been fortunate to gain experience in the fields of real estate, construction, and the automotive sector. Serving diligently as a Property Manager at Success Rentals, Mr. Bruun focused on refining his skills in asset and project management. His collaborative tenure at Achievers Realty allowed him to contribute to the real estate landscape of San Diego County, emphasizing contract integrity and efficient sales management. Further, Baker Iron Works provided a platform to hone his specialized skills in welding, fabrication, and fleet maintenance. His academic journey at the Universal Technical Institute stands as a testament to his commitment to continuous learning.
Mr. Bruun values community engagement, as highlighted by his volunteer work at Elks Lodge #2243 in Encinitas, CA. With proficiency in tools like Google Suite and Microsoft Office, he remains dedicated to keeping pace with industry best practices. Fluent in English and gratefully acknowledged as a recipient of the Industry's Choice Scholarship, Mr. Bruun looks forward to opportunities to serve and grow professionally.

Lavern Vasallo

Property Management Administrator

Lavern currently holds the position of Property Management Administrator at Success Rentals, a leading property management firm. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring the efficient management of properties and supporting various facets of the company's property management operations.

Before joining Success Rentals, Lavern served as a Licensed Aircraft Mechanic, a position that required meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to precision. These attributes, honed in the aviation sector, have seamlessly transitioned into his responsibilities at Success Rentals.

In addition to his primary role, Lavern has recently taken on the responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant for the company. This role allows him to leverage his diverse expertise in organizing open houses, refining operational processes, and delivering unparalleled service to the company's esteemed clients.

At the heart of Lavern's professional journey is a deep-seated passion for helping individuals achieve their goals. Whether in property management or other fields, he finds immense satisfaction in contributing to the success stories of others.

Beyond his professional commitments, Lavern is dedicated to personal growth and well-being. He regularly visits the gym to stay fit, enjoys playing the guitar to relax, and loves embarking on motorcycle adventures.

Lavern 1

Mark Cooney

Leasing Administrator

Born and raised in Montreal, Mark transitioned from a seasoned business professional to a leasing specialist. His journey began in his family's retail and wholesale ventures, laying the foundation for his deep understanding of business development. His education at Loyola University in business and marketing further solidified his expertise. Mark has a unique ability to forge relationships in divergent business settings.  He can also craft "Best Practices" in every project he undertakes. He keeps a keen eye on learning market trends, ensuring our rental homes are always competitively priced. But it's not just about numbers for Mark; he has an unparalleled talent for building lasting relationships with tenants and vendors. His expertise doesn't stop there. 

>Mark excels in showcasing properties to potential tenants, securing leases with efficiency and ease. He's proactive, taking the initiative to inspect properties ensuring they meet our high standards. Mark's passion for serving our clients is not only infectious but also essential to our company's growth. He's dedicated to creating solutions, fostering connections, and ensuring our tenants have a top-tier experience.

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